Compounded Pty Ltd: Changing the way we work

20150213_135910_resizedCompounded Pty Ltd adopted one of the simplest solutions on the market today for workers looking to combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day. In fact we have introduced the ideal way to transform our workspace from a sitting desk to a stand-up desk in mere seconds.

“For all of that, modern science and medical technology, though, have given us new insight into a critical fact: Slumped over or ramrod straight, if you’re sitting down, you’re on the road to ruin. The effects of long-term immobility upon the desk-bound, for example, can include weak musculature, poor posture, impaired breathing and circulatory function, and even (in severe cases) nerve damage or blood clots, which may in turn lead to heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and other life-threatening maladies and conditions. Given the prevalence of office jobs in modern society, the importance of a little activity in the workplace and in daily life cannot be overstated. The question is, how does a person do their work while avoiding the sedentary lifestyle? The answer is simple: The savvy worker uses a standing desk!”


Fouad (Freddy) Umlil (B.Pharm., Hons., MACP)

Managing Director

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