Who’s the Boss of Number 2: us or our microbiome? It depends on your perspective!!!

We are outnumbered…. in fact Bacteria outnumber our cells (10:1). While bacteria live forever, we are temporary. In fact, our microbiome consists of 100 trillions bacteria of the gut. This microbiome is established by vaginal birth and breastfeeding, maintained by diet, environment and the host (us). Threatened by antibiotics, antiseptics, loss of food diversity, sugars, certain grains and more. Bacteria manipulates the host in many ways.

Actions of our microbiome are:

  • Alter gene expression in childhood
  • Manipulate GABA and glutamate via Vagus.
  • Manipulate gut permeability.
  • Manipulate sleep, appetite and weight.
  • Provide essential nutrients to the host.


Compounded works with several gastroenterologists and patients to ensure your gut is working as it should. Our compounding pharmacists have the ability to custom compound medications that improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and save patients time and money.

We have the ability to compound medications for the following common conditions:

• Hemorrhoids
• Anal Fissures
• Crohn’s Disease
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Ulcerative Colitis
• Fecal Incontinence

Gut infections such as:
• H.Pylori
• Balstocystis Hominis.
• Dientamoeba Fragilis.
• Entamoeba Hisolytica.
• Giardia Lamblia.
• And many more!

Should you require more information our would like us to refer you to one of our preferred practitioners please contact us.

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