Movember: Men’s Health Under the Microscope

By now, you have probably heard of Movember- where men collectively grow a mustache in the month of November to bring awareness to men’s health issues.

With an average life expectancy lower than women, statistics show that men suffer more illness and accidents than their female counterparts.

The most common health issues men face include prostate cancer, hair loss, depression and sexual dysfunction.

Each individual persons’ symptoms and severity of health issues depends on each person’s lifestyle and genetic composition. The question, then arises,how can one medication recommended to someone be right for me if we are different? This is where compounding comes in.

Compounding is the art and science of compounding personalized medication based on patient needs. The pharmacist along with the assistance of your practitioner can work together to tailor prescriptions to the exact strength required by the individual patient as well as make it in a dosage form that is easy for the patient to use. This may allow for greater patient compliance in taking medications which results in a more positive experience and treatment outcome.

At Compounded Pty Ltd we offer a range of innovative hair loss solutions available with and without a prescription. We offer topical and oral dosage forms for hair loss treatment using the most effective tried and tested ingredients. We have formulated unique dosage forms; including a ONCE DAILY non- greasy and sublingual spray.

At Compounded Pty Ltd we can provide a customized formulation that increase both hair regrowth and hair thickness by enlarging miniaturized hair follicles, although, its exact mechanism of action is not known. The effectiveness of this customised formulation will depend on the dosage and can take several months to see maximum benefit.

Another common health issue among men is depression. The ABS reported that 17% of men were found to be depressed in 2014-15.  Magnesium is an important mineral in our body however many of us can be deficient due to life’s stressors and diet. These life stressors and diet choices can further deplete other important vitamins in our body such as Zinc and Vitamin B6 which further down the track cause pyrrole disorders. Pyrrole disorders can cause a biochemical imbalance which can affect mood, sleep & immunity.

Men with age can experience a decline in the production of the male hormone, testosterone. This decrease is often referred to Andropause. Andropause can affect mood, sex drive and endurance. Andropause runs the risk of various health problems such as heart disease and osteoporosis. It is important for men to work together with their practitioner to monitor testosterone levels and where necessary, use a compounding service to assist with formulations to restore hormone balance.

The thyroid gland, although relatively small also plays a huge role in men’s health. There are several factors that can damage the thyroid for example, stress and environmental factors can include heavy metals, household toxins, industrial chemicals and agricultural agents.

It is best to avoid items that contain heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, mercury and cadmium. These metals can be found in deodorant, food additives, cook wear, jewelry and plastics.

Pesticides & herbicides have also been found to weaken thyroid function to the point of causing hypothyroidism or “low thyroid.”

Agricultural agents wreck thyroid function by altering thyroid hormone gene expression, preventing the uptake of iodine into the thyroid, blocking thyroid hormone from binding to its transport proteins, lowering the absorption of thyroid hormone into thyroid cells, and promoting thyroid hormone removal from the body.

Thyroid damage can then also lead to further health issues in men such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.